ΔS , the mathematical expression for change in entropy. It is our mission, as the DOC, to maneuver entropy toward order, whether through the lens of streamlining operations, or from bottling inspiration and projecting it onto reality - quantifying and qualifying the ethereal aspects of art and experience to an executable dream; a memory; an event.


We are a "Swiss army knife" of experience and expertise relating to all things in the live event industry.  We will work with you to create a stellar experience, from the initial concept and throughout the design and execution of your space or event, or at any singular step in the equation.


  • Event Production

  • Event Consulting

  • Event Design

  • Space Curation

  • Vendor Sourcing & Coordination

  • Client & Sponsor Relations

  • Rental Sourcing, Coordination, & Management

  • Artist Relations, Sourcing, & Talent Booking

  • Festival & Concert Production

  • Festival Design

  • Corporate Activations

  • Guest Experience Design

  • Set Design

  • Audio and Lighting Installations

  • Stage, Lighting, & Audio Design

  • Creative Logistics

  • Technical Direction, and Stage Management

  • Event Ideation & Branding

  • Venue & Location Scouting

  • Budget Management

  • Event Operations

  • Creative Concept & Theme Development

  • Run of Show Production

  • Vendor Procurement

  • Overall Production Team Management

  • Pop up Activations

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